Independence Day is a Time of Celebration!

Independence Day is a Time of Celebration!

As we approach Independence Day, it is hard not to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday. A time when the thirteen American colonies were no longer under the monarch of Britain.  July 4th was declared by Congress the day to celebrate being UNITED, FREE and INDEPENDENT. 

Independence Day has been a time when community leaders and activists praise our nation’s history, our society and our people.  A time to rally the troops so to speak.  What does independence and freedom mean to you? For me, it is hard not to think about those that have served and still to serve to maintain our independence. A freedom, which like many of you, may routinely take for granted!

Over the last several years, our political climate has gotten very volatile. People and organizations on the extreme ends of the spectrum are putting our constitutional rights and our freedoms that so many have died for… at risk. Our differences should not be dividing us, or instigating judgment, but rather building respect and understanding.

Independence Day is a time of celebration!  A time to UNITE… to recognize our differences, accept them and celebrate them. We have been given a gift that most people in other countries will never know. I feel, it is our responsibility to have open and honest conversations and learn from one another.

We can be the leaders of our communities and work to restore our faith in people and family with tolerance. We cannot control other people or outcomes, but we certainly can control how we choose to unite our great state. Let us live united, free and independent as our past leaders wanted us to.

Happy Independence Day!  I wish you, your family and friends the best this holiday. If you have any questions or additional thoughts, please reach out to me or our office at 815-632-7384, or visit my website at