McCombie joins letter to Governor aimed at stabilizing residential rental market

On Thursday, State Representative Tony McCombie joined a letter initiated by Rep. Jackie Haas to Gov. JB Pritzker in response to his recent announcement regarding the state’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium.

The Impact to Rental Owners

“The livelihood of residential rental owners are in great jeopardy due to the eviction moratorium. People needed help during the pandemic, but rental owners have not been made whole and have lost many rights associated with their property over the past year and several months now,” said Rep. McCombie. “If we don’t restore stability to this market, we risk some very dangerous outcomes for our communities.”

About the Letter

20 members of the Illinois House of Representatives joined the letter aimed at bringing a swift end to the moratorium.

The state’s $1.5 billion Rental Payment Program will protect tenants who have been directly financially impacted by the pandemic while lifting the moratorium would hold responsible those tenants who are able to pay their rent, giving desperately needed relief to landlords. 

The signatories request that the Governor not extend his eviction moratorium beyond June 15.

Why is advocacy needed?

On Monday May 17, Gov. Pritzker expressed his intent to phase out the statewide moratorium on evictions by August.

The letter: