August 1st to Become Sweet Corn Appreciation Day

Sweet corn has long been a staple of many households throughout the state of Illinois. To honor the importance of sweet corn to Illinois, State Representative Tony McCombie (Savanna) has passed HB4766 which designates August 1st of each year as Sweet Corn Appreciation Day.

“Sweet corn was always a favorite of mine! Like millions of others in Illinois, sweet corn reminds us of summer and fun family memories. Whether you purchase it from your grocer or a local farmers market, it would not be possible for us to enjoy it without those who grow it. In making August 1st Sweet Corn Appreciation Day, I want us all to remember the local growers and family farmers who make it possible for us to love sweet corn, row by row. I must also thank the constituent who brought this tasty idea to me,” said McCombie.

IL Corn Growers Association President, and farmer from New Berlin, IL, Marty Marr was delighted to see the passage of HB4766.

“Every Illinois farmer loves corn, but for the IL Corn Growers Association, a day to celebrate corn is especially sweet! Thank you to Rep. McCombie for the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy sweet corn on August 1 – along with every other day of the year. When Illinoisans are eating all that sweet corn, I hope they remember that only 1 percent of the corn grown in Illinois is sweet corn and the rest is field corn, fed to cows and pigs and chickens in our state and around the world. And remember the family farmer that grew the corn, one of the 96% of family farmers in our great state.”