McCombie Backed Legislation bringing Motorcycles to the Forefront of the Electric Vehicle Push in Illinois passed General Assembly

SPRINGFIELD – Legislation supported by ABATE of Illinois and backed by Representative Tony McCombie (Savanna) to include motorcycles in the discussion of electric transportation—specifically to incentivize the purchase and use of electric motorcycles—was recently advanced by both chambers of the General Assembly.

“With the advent of-and push for-electric vehicles, it was important to ensure that electric motorcycles were not left out of the equation,” said McCombie. “I am pleased to see the General Assembly come together to satisfy the concerns of the stakeholders and to keep the playing field level as the transition to electric vehicles moves forward.”

The passing of the Clean Energy Jobs Act in 2021 excluded motorcycles in language concerning electric vehicles. ABATE of Illinois sought to address the issue and helped lead the effort for change. The changes in Senate Bill 2940 ensure electric motorcycles are considered when planning infrastructure and provides an incentive of $1,500 for the purchase of an electric motorcycle.

“ABATE of Illinois is pleased the General Assembly overwhelmingly passed SB2940. When signed into law, this will ensure all motorcycles, including electric motorcycles, are included in the future of Illinois transportation,” said Ryan Hubbard, State Coordinator for ABATE of Illinois. “Motorcycles are a primary mode of transportation for thousands of riders in Illinois, and their inclusion in transportation planning is an important part of ensuring everyone can return home safe after every ride.”

Senate Bill 2940 passed both chambers of the General Assembly with no opposition. The bill had over 30 Senate sponsors and 60 House sponsors, including the Speaker of the House and House Minority Leader.