Sportsmen Licensing Made Easier for Retired & Active Duty Members

Recently signed legislation from State Representative Tony McCombie (Savanna) now makes acquiring licensing to fish, hunt, and camp in Illinois easier for veterans and active-duty members of the military. HB4680 amended the DNR Civil Administrative Code, Fish and Aquatic Life Code, and the Wildlife Code so that members and former members of the military no longer have to apply for these licenses in person. The legislation was signed into law Friday and is effective immediately.

“Those who defend our country, deserve to be treated with respect and honor,” said McCombie. “It is important, when our military members are home with their families, they enjoy the time they have together without the inconvenience of Illinois government. Whether hunting, fishing, or camping, our active-duty military, and our veterans, deserve to enjoy the beautiful nature that Illinois offers without the hassle of being forced to apply in person in Springfield. I would like to thank my constituent who presented this idea to our office.”

The legislation removed the requirement for active duty service members or veterans to present, in person, the required documents for this fee exemption.

“This bill was presented to me by a veteran that could not get the exemption due to the government offices being shut down during the Covid-19 pandemic. Upon further review and collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources, we knew that veterans and active-duty military should be able to present the necessary paperwork in local offices. The Department of Natural Resources will develop rules to assist veterans and active-duty military in response to this bill,” concluded McCombie.