McCombie calls SAFE-T Act Cleanup Bill “Flawed”

Rep. Tony McCombie debating in favor of crime victim rights and against the "flawed" trailer bill to the SAFE-T Act. Illinois House Floor on December 1, 2022.

State Representative and House Republican Leader-elect Tony McCombie called the SAFE-T Act cleanup bill “flawed” and says it continues to ignore the blatant errors and disrespects law enforcement and victims of crimes.

“Once again, the Democrats chose to go it alone without involving viewpoints of Illinoisans around the state,” said McCombie. “While this is the fourth attempt to clean up a bad bill, it keeps zero cash bail in place, increases taxes, jeopardizes due process for police officers, and decreases penalties for repeat offenders — making our communities less safe. It is unacceptable to abuse victims in the way the SAFE-T Act allows.”

The SAFE-T Act “cleanup bill” was filed as Senate Floor Amendments 1 & 2 to House Bill 1095. The bill was passed through both the State Senate and State House this week.

“A sincere effort at a bipartisan fix would have involved the minority party, but Democrats chose to go it alone to continue to mislead Illinoisans. This bill does nothing but support criminals, make residents less safe and exploits victims of crime,” said McCombie.

McCombie voted NO on the Amendments to HB 1095, which ultimately passed the Illinois House by a vote of 71-40. Governor Pritzker has indicated he will sign the legislation ensuring the SAFE-T Act and its “zero cash bail” provisions will still go into effect on January 1, 2023.