Emerging Women Leaders in the 89th District

State Representative Tony McCombie recently celebrated local leaders in her district. The event was part of the House Republican’s larger ‘Emerging Women Leaders’ recognition event, which brought female leaders nominated by their State Representatives to Springfield for a day of meeting with lawmakers, celebrating their own accomplishments, and taking in the legislative process.

Rep. McCombie had nearly two dozen women nominated to attend the Springfield event, and wanted to make sure each and every nominee was recognized for their own contribution to the local community. She did just that at a local event held last week in Stockton.

“Nothing inspires me more than watching women like you taking the lead in making our communities a better place,” said McCombie during her remarks. “As women we bring our unique perspective to most situations and when we lend our voices to policy debates, we inevitably improve outcomes for everyone. I am inspired by your stories. I thank you for what you have done and are doing to improve our community!”

Leader McCombie and the House Republican Caucus plan to make the Emerging Women Leaders Recognition an annual event, building on the success of the first such event hosted in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the recognition to be postponed from 2020-2022.