McCombie Calls for ‘Clean Up’ of Corruption

Illinois House Minority Leader Tony McCombie, R-Savanna, is pressing for greater ethics laws in the Illinois House.

“As the tangled web of corruption has unraveled in federal court, reform efforts in the statehouse are being stalled by Democratic leadership, who are obviously content with the status quo,” McCombie said.

In a recent interview, the Representative emphasized the need for ethics reform and urgency that should be behind adopting such reforms in the statehouse. McCombie went further to declare that ethics reform will most likely be a hot topic during the fall veto session, which begins Oct. 24. 

“I sure hope so,” McCombie said in an interview, when asked if it will come up next month in Springfield. “It’s certainly something we are going to continue to talk about. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t because it’s a win-win for the Democrats, especially as we go into a campaign season.”