Photos: This Week in Springfield

This week, the House Republican working group, Truth in Public Safety (TIPS), revealed their legislative package. TIPS is one of five working groups created by House Minority Leader Tony McCombie last year to address some of the biggest challenges our state faces. State Representatives Patrick Windhorst, David Friess, Dan Ugaste, Amy Grant and John Cabello laid out a bold legislative package aimed at improving public safety, recruiting and retaining police officers and other law enforcement officials, and providing assistance to victims of violent crime.

House Minority Leader Tony McCombie held a subject matter hearing for her bill, HB4119, that would prevent campaign funds to be used to finance criminal defense. This is a part of ongoing ethics reform measures pushed by House Republicans to fight corruption and instill better trust in government. Read more about Leader McCombie’s efforts here: McCombie Calls for Support on Ethics Reform Measure – Tony McCombie (

Leader Tony McCombie had great visitors in her Capitol office this week! Session concluded this afternoon–and the legislature will return the first week of April.

House Minority Leader welcomed a Page for Day to her office; the Page was a guest of State Representative Dan Caulkins.

Leader McCombie and State Representative Patrick Windhorst met with members of law enforcement including state’s attorneys and police chiefs, where they discussed legislative updates and concerns facing the law enforcement community.

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