Corrupt Chicago Alderman Sentenced

Former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke was sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay a $2 million fine yesterday in his corruption case. Unfortunately, Burke may be allowed to pay that fine with his campaign funds, a provision House Minority Leader Tony McCombie is fighting to change in Illinois.

McCombie filed legislation last year, House Bill 4119, that would prohibit elected officials from using political campaign donations to pay for criminal defense. The bill would close a loophole that has enabled bad actors, like Ed Burke and former Speaker Mike Madigan, to use funds intended for campaigning for other legal purposes.

McCombie has continued call for urgency in addressing ethics reform in the statehouse. Unfortunately, HB4119, and additional ethics reform measures backed by Illinois House Republicans have been prevented from moving forward.

“We have not passed any ethics legislation this General Assembly and I would argue any significant ethics reform since I was elected in 2017,” said McCombie. “This is not acceptable, and it is our responsibility that a lack of action does not continue.”