Reading BUZZ

State Representative Tony McCombie’s summer reading program for students.

Rep. McCombie’s summer reading club encourages students to go places with reading!

Reading BUZZ challenges elementary school students to read eight (8) books before July 15. Books with more than 200 pages can be counted twice.

Participation in this program can overlap with any other summer reading program offered through area libraries, schools, or other organizations.

Students who read all 8 books and submit the form below by the deadline will receive a special treat to reward them for their reading and a certificate of achievement from the Illinois House of Representatives.

To participate, a parent or guardian must complete and submit the form below by July 15, 2024.

Please contact Representative McCombie’s district office at 815-291-8989 with any questions.

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Book List

List the titles of the books you have read. Books with more than 200 pages may be listed twice and counted as two books.