Rep. McCombie Urges Action on the Budget

Rep. McCombie Expresses ‘Frustration & Disappointment’ Due to Budget Inaction
Springfield…State Representative Tony McCombie (IL–71st) spoke on the House floor yesterday calling for immediate legislative action on the budget:
“I must rise to express my frustration and disappointment. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I knew we were going to have to make hard decisions. I believed we would be voting on bills to help the people of our districts and Illinois. Instead we have been voting on bills that we cannot fund, bills that give false hope, and bills that are self-serving and drafted to hurt each other,” said McCombie. “We must restore the people’s faith, provide stability, and start to grow our economy.  I encourage us all to use the remaining time here in Springfield to push our senior members, push our leadership and work together. Let’s be kind, let’s negotiate, let’s compromise and please be help me to the job I was sent here to do.”