Rep. McCombie Speaks in Opposition to Spending Bill

Springfield Update:

Yesterday was a high energy and emotional day in Springfield. Several of my colleagues (on both sides of the isle) voted yes to pass a budget. I will not judge and disrespectfully criticize any of them for their votes but I had to represent my district and could not vote yes to support either the spending bill or the revenue bills presented by the majority party. The bills brought to the table were not fully negotiated, comprehensive budget bills that will best serve the people of Illinois. As defined, negotiations are discussions aimed at reaching an agreement. The budgeteers had been meeting and negotiating over several days and had not yet reached an agreement. It is not only disrespectful but it is irresponsible to present budget bills that do not include input from those at the table. Today, I will start my day with hope that Representative Greg Harris and the Democratic Party will follow through as stated in our debate yesterday… As stated, negotiations will continue on the Education Funding Bill (SB1), Pension Reform, Worker’s Comp Reform, Consolidation, and Property Tax Relief.