Rep. McCombie Spends the Day in Fulton!

What a day in Fulton! 
I like to share where I visit so you can see and hear about the district with me! We are truly blessed to live in the best part of the state!
We started our day…

  • Coffee from The Steam Anchor
  • Visited and toured Company One
  • Visited and toured JT Cullen Company
  • Lunch at Krumpets with Brandi from the Fulton Chamber and Barb Mask
  • Popped in at The Fulton Meat Market to meet the new owner, Greg Anderson
  • Visited and toured Timken Drives
  • Visited and hiked through Wierenga’s Heritage Canyon
Today, we learned so much history and know from our area manufacturers that they are hiring and want to grow in Illinois!
Please be sure to visit their websites and join a family owned business team that cares about developing relationships and American Made products!