Rep. McCombie Participates in Press Conference Announcing Wahl Clippers Partnership in Sterling

Rep. McCombie attended a press conference today to highlight the importance of investing in American jobs at Wahl’s global headquarters and manufacturing plant in Sterling. The event highlighted efforts by Wahl and Walmart to preserve and create American jobs and create value in the communities they serve. After the press conference, McCombie and Sen. Anderson toured the facility. Other speakers executives from Wahl and Walmart, Wahl employees and community partners.

Walmart recently announced its pledge to purchase $250 billion in products that support the creation of American jobs. The company will accomplish this goal by 2023 by working with suppliers, such as Wahl Clipper Corporation, to increase the amount of U.S. manufactured goods it purchases to help boost job opportunities in the domestic manufacturing sector. Wahl has been manufacturing products in Illinois for one hundred years and employs over 1,000 persons in Sterling. We hope you can join us to learn first-hand of our work in Sterling and its benefits to Illinois and the U.S. economy