McCombie Receives ‘A’ Rating from Technology & Manufacturing Association

SAVANNA… This month, State Rep. Tony McCombie (IL-71) received an ‘A’ rating from the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) in their 2017 Legislative Scorecard.

“Manufacturers in Illinois face many challenges, which are compounded by the very legislators in Springfield who ought to be helping them create good-paying manufacturing jobs. That’s why it is so refreshing to see new citizen legislators like Representative McCombie go to Springfield and immediately make an impact on behalf of the hard-working manufacturers in her district and throughout the state. As a small businesswoman herself, Rep McCombie clearly understands the importance of avoiding unnecessary, intrusive regulation of the employee/employer relationship. TMA applauds her for her leadership.” –Steve Rauschenberger, President of the TMA

In 2017, only 23% of Illinois state representatives scored 75 or better, meaning a majority voted against bills that will encourage more manufacturing in Illinois.

“I will continue to be an advocate in the legislature for manufacturers and their employees, because the manufacturing industry promotes economic growth and stability for our families, our region and our state as a whole. Illinois has seen a lack of structural reforms and an increase in regulations that have slowed manufacturers from growing and in some cases pushing them to close their doors or take their business to a competing state,” said Rep. McCombie. “I want to thank Steve Rausenberger and the TMA for their continued efforts advocating for manufacturers and their employees in Illinois.”

The TMA represents close to 1,000 manufacturers and over 30,000 manufacturing employees. Their membership consists of Midwest manufacturers looking to improve operations, strengthen their workforce, and grow their businesses.