State Releases Grants for County Fairs and Trails

Springfield, IL – Rep. Tony McCombie (IL-71) today announced the release of two Illinois Transportation Enhancement (ITEP) grants and county fair money in the 71st legislative district.

Northwest Illinois is one of the most beautiful parts of the state and these dollars will help to develop and grow our local tourism industry,” said Rep. McCombie. “We understand the importance of tourism and the positive economic impact our county fairs bring to our region.”

According to a study by the University of Illinois Extension county fairs generate $170 million in economic activity across the state. On February 13, Rep. McCombie joined a bipartisan group of thirty-four legislators to send a letter to the Governor asking for the release of $1.4 million in approved funding to Illinois County Fairs. The money will mostly go towards infrastructure and to keep fairgrounds safe. The vouchers will move from the Department of Agriculture to the Comptroller’s Office to be paid to each of the 102 county fairgrounds.

In addition, $36 million will be invested in 53 Illinois Transportation Enhancement (ITEP) projects across the State. ITEP projects include; biking and walking paths, trails, and streetscape beautification work. ITEP is funded through a federal grant, and to be eligible, applicants must commit a local match of at least 20 percent to their project and demonstrate a plan to have their awards spent within four years.

The following was awarded in Illinois Transportation Enhancement (ITEP) grants:

  • The City of Moline will receive $1,974,350 to enhance the ‘Mississippi River to Rock River Multi-Use Trail Corridor.’ 
  • The Village of Port Byron will receive $97,570 for their ‘Downtown Streetscape and Mobility Enhancement Project.’ 

A list of all the approved ITEP projects across the State can be found by clicking here.