AFSCME Back Pay Bill Passes House

Springfield – State Rep. Tony McCombie (IL-71) released the following statement after the passing of HB 4290 by a bipartisan vote of (90-10) which is finally giving state employees $63 million in back pay from 2011 for money they rightfully earned: 

“It has been an honor to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get our state workers the back pay that they were promised by the Quinn Administration in 2011. Today is just the first step we needed to take to make right the many years of mistrust and disservice to Illinois workers,” said Rep. McCombie. “I am hopeful that the Senate will follow our lead and pass this bill immediately next week.”

In January 2011, then Governor Quinn and AFSCME struck a deal in which AFSCME members would give up half the value of their contractually mandated pay raises in exchange for a promise that Quinn would not lay off 2,600 workers or close any state facilities until July 2011. AFSCME also accepted voluntary furlough days and other concessions to save the state about $50 million.

However, in July 2011, Quinn reneged on scheduled pay raises, and state workers have never received the money they earned. The passing of HB 4290 finally ensures state workers will be paid. HB 4290 will now to the Senate for approval. The bill should not be considered new spending, because it appropriates $63 million that was previously promised to state employees by Governor Quinn’s administration in 2011. See the chart below to for information on where the funding will go:

Agency Personal Services Social Security Total GRF
DOA $4,840 $350 $5,190
CMS $7,410 $530 $7,940
EPA $1,170 $90 $1,260
DFPR $6,830 $530 $7,360
IGB $13,250 $860 $14,110
DOI $10,670 $820 $11,490
DNR $1,202,770 $68520 $12,71,290
DOR $9,340 $720 $10,060
DCFS $24,500 $2610 $27,110
DHR $27,870 $2140 $30,010
DHFS $34,510 $2650 $37,160
DHS $15,840,750 $1209530 $17,050,280
DPH $917,020 $70160 $987,180
DOC $37,773,410 $2890310 $40,663,720
IEMA $3,150 $230 $3,380
DJJ $2,925,940 $182350 $3,108,290
ISP $18,500 $1420 $19,920
TOTAL $58,821,930 $4,433,820 $63,255,750