Rep. McCombie Votes YES on Balanced Budget

Springfield – State Rep. Tony McCombie (IL-71) released the following statement after voting in favor of the first truly balanced budget since 2001 which passed with broad bipartisan support:    

“When I first took the oath of office, January of last year I asked members of the General Assembly to respectfully come together, consider each other’s priorities, and negotiate a balanced budget. This budget, unlike last year, accomplishes this.   “The budget is not perfect but it includes my top priorities of no additional tax increases, fully funding education, securing MAP Grants, increasing local government dollars, paying our front line workers, fully funding our agencies & social services and paying our past-due bills.  

“The legislature still has much work to do and I look forward to being part of the solution to structurally reform Illinois in the years to come.”  

The Senate approved the budget Wednesday and the House passed the budget today. This Fiscal Year 2019 budget is a balanced, full-year budget that relies on no new tax increases and meets the May 31st deadline, ensuring timely enactment on July 1, 2018. Both budget bills passed the House with over 95 votes.