McCombie hears update on Positioning Western Illinois University for the Future

Rep. McCombie joined the staff and community leaders today at Western Illinois University! Western is moving in a direction that positions itself for a strong future! Go Leathernecks!

From article:

WIU Board of Trustees Chair Carolyn Ehlert Fuller added that the board has charged President Thomas with defining the strengths of Western Illinois University to advance the institution’s quality, opportunity and affordability.

“We were extremely pleased with the creation and adoption of the new Higher Values in Higher Education Strategic Plan. This plan, coupled with today’s announcements, show that Western Illinois University is positioning itself for the future,” Ehlert Fuller said. “The Board thanks President Thomas and his leadership team for advancing our great University. We look forward to realizing the plans set forth today.”

Rep. Norine Hammond noted that while higher education across the country is facing challenges with declining enrollments and higher tuition costs, Western recognizes these challenges and is moving forward.

“Western is taking necessary steps to focus on programs that have the greatest rate of return for the students, as well as employers,” Hammond added.

Rep. Tony McCombie added that she is excited about Western’s changes.

“Western is moving in a direction that positions itself for a strong future,” McCombie said.

“Western is entering a future that defines its unique mission and niche within Illinois public higher education. Thank you for ensuring optimal use of limited state resources by focusing on your centers of excellence. This is what defines you as a University community and an integral component to Illinois public higher education. Western is truly an outstanding institution and I know that you will be successful in your endeavors,” said Illinois Board of Higher Education Executive Director Al Bowman.

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