State Rep. Tony McCombie Appointed to Legislative Audit Commission

Minority Leader Jim Durkin (IL-82nd) appointed State Representative Tony McCombie (IL-71st) to the Illinois State Legislative Audit Commission along with Republican Representatives Mark Batinick of Plainfield and Randy Frese of Quincy.  

“This is a perfect opportunity for me to bring accountability to our State’s spending and identify areas where we can save our taxpayers’ money,” said Rep. McCombie. “With recent tax increases implemented and additional tax increases being proposed by the majority, it is vitally important that we ensure spending follows State statutes and that the taxes we pay are effectively being utilized.”  

The Legislative Audit Commission is responsible for the oversight of the State Audit Program. It is charged with reviewing the stewardship of public funds and monitoring corrective actions disclosed by state agency audits. The Commission is bipartisan and bicameral with three members appointed from each caucus. It is co-chaired by one Democrat and one Republican. The Legislative Audit Commission is mandated by law (25 ILCS 150/0.01-0.06) to review all audits conducted by the State Auditor General Frank Mautino.  

Primary responsibilities of the Commission are:  

  • Public hearings on all major audits of State agencies to review problems, assess agency stewardship, and secure remedial action.
  • Initiation and review of management and program audits and investigations.
  • Make recommendations to the General Assembly and agency management for corrective legislation and other measures to remedy weaknesses disclosed through audits or at Commission hearings.
  • Monitoring agency progress in implementing corrective action.