Rep. McCombie travels the 71st District

Rep. McCombie visited the Morrison Institute of Technology. The Morrison Chamber of Commerce hosted the Ribbon Cutting and a tour of their new Innovation Center. This new center will help foster creativity between students and faculty – and give students an array of experiences they can take beyond the classroom. New and old technology will be present in the facility in order to help students learn. There is a place for all students in this facility to learn, no matter their area of studies, such as manufacturing, electronics, and creativity.  Learn more about Morrison Tech at their website:

While I was in Springfield, my office visited Tampico, Ronald Reagan’s birthplace for the celebration of his birthday on February 6th!! They served cake for his birthday and had tours available. The Tampico historical society does a great job honoring our 40th president, not only on his birthday but year round. Visit

My office also attended the Whiteside County Healthy Partnership Announcement. This is a huge deal for Whiteside County. According to, “Only 15 counties nationwide are selected for the study each year. In collaboration with the Whiteside County Health Department and other local agencies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will send a team of about 40 to interview and physically exam selected county residents of all ages, races, and genders.”  Read more about the announcement and how it will benefit Whiteside County at