Attention Sportsmen: File a witness slip to support Habitat Stamp projects

The Appropriations-Capital Committee has decided not to hear my bill that would allow for the expenditure of the Habitat Stamp. Every hunter pays a tax to the habitat stamp, and projects are currently not being funded. The stamp is a vital tool for the funding of habitat projects across the State of Illinois. However, a quirk in state law is not allowing for those funds to be expended. My bill will allow for the appropriation of $11 million sitting in a fund to complete these projects.

This funding was in the budget last year, but due to the language in the budget, it was not appropriated. A cleanup bill was passed in the Senate during veto, but and it was not called for a vote by the majority.

We now have another chance to make it happen in the 101st! Please sign the witness slip in support. Help me by taking two minutes to file a witness slip:

  1. Follow the link by clicking here;
  2. Fill out your name, address, email, phone, and under ‘firm/business/agency/title’ write ‘self;’
  3. Under ‘Representation’ write ‘self;’
  4. Under ‘Position’ check proponent; 
  5. Under testimony check ‘record of appearance only’ 

Thank you for your help!