McCombie Opposes Proposed Transportation Tax Increases

State Representative Tony McCombie issued the following statement today following House Committee Action (HB391-Amendment 1) to make Illinois’ gas tax burden the highest in the nation:

“As a representative in rural Illinois that borders Iowa, I have been watching this legislation very closely. I oppose the proposed doubling of the gas tax and the massive increases of our vehicle registration fees.  This bill would extract $2.4 billion in additional taxes from already overburdened taxpayers. These types of increases will disproportionately affect seniors on fixed incomes and those of us in rural areas who have to travel longer distances. Springfield has chosen other programs and projects as priority and have not properly maintained infrastructure or assets across the state.  Now taxpayers are being asked for more dollars to rebuild!”

I could not agree more with our neighbor, Representative Andrew Chesney who said, “If Chicago politicians put as much energy into identifying cuts and supporting pro-growth strategies as they spend coming up with new taxes, our economy would look vastly different than it does today. “

Read the details of the plan below:

Democratic members of the House Revenue & Finance Committee advanced an amendment (on a partisan roll call) to the full House that would raise the gas tax and related fees by $2.4 billion to fund transportation infrastructure needs.

House Amendment #1 to HB 391 contains language proposed by Local 150 to provide funding for “horizontal” capital, i.e. roads and bridges. This legislation is identical to HB 3233, Senate Amendment #1, which is Local 150 language. It is important to note that these bills have not been negotiated or agreed to by all parties involved and do not represent a finalized capital infrastructure funding plan.

The major revenue components contained within HB 391 include increasing the motor fuel tax by 25 cents (a 132% increase) and increasing vehicle registration fees by $50 (a 51% increase). Together with the other tax and fee increases outlined below, HB 391 would bring in approximately $2.4 billion in annual funding for transportation infrastructure.