Where’s Tony: November 4, 2019

What was Rep. Tony McCombie up to the week starting October 28? Find out below:

Monday, October 28- Wednesday, October 30- Fall Veto Session

Rep. Tony McCombie leads a bipartisan bicameral press conference to push for an Ethics Reform Task Force in the Blue Room of the State Capitol in Springield.
Rep. McCombie conferring with Rep. Keith Wheeler on Illinois House Floor during Fall Veto Session Week 1.

Saturday, November 2

Rep. McCombie attended the Thomson Fire Department Breakfast.
The Savanna Inter-Church Council hosted a fundraiser for the Savanna Veterans Memorial! A truly wonderful evening and the first time Rep. McCombie “traveled” to Italy! 

Sunday, November 3

Rep. McCombie attended the Colona Fireman’s Breakfast.