McCombie Opposes Bill to Loosen Ethical Safeguards on State’s Jobs Program

State Representative Tony McCombie was one of only a few dozen legislators to vote NO on legislation changing rules for state apprenticeship programs under the Illinois Works bill due to concerns that the changes also loosen ethical safeguards on the State’s jobs program.

“With this change in law, someone who actually falsifies records to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity “may” be barred instead of “shall” be barred,” said McCombie.  “We need more ethical safeguards in Illinois, not fewer.”

“While there were notable elements within this bill to increase participation in apprenticeship programs for construction careers, this is not a time to loosen ethical standards, McCombie continued.

Despite McCombie’s voice in opposition to this bill, Senate Bill 177 passed 82-32 in the Illinois House on Wednesday, November 13 during the final week of the Fall Veto Session for the Illinois General Assembly.  The legislation will now go to Governor Pritzker, having passed the Senate on Concurrence on November 14th.