Where’s Tony: January 20, 2020

What was Rep. Tony McCombie up to the week starting January 13? Find out below:

Monday, January 13

Monday, Rep. McCombie stood with fellow House Republican legislators from Northern Illinois in denouncing the missed opportunity and failed effort of the partisan-controlled Property Relief Task Force to consider and recommend meaningful short- and long-term property tax relief at a Press Conference in Rockford.

Tuesday, January 14

Rep. McCombie started her morning saying the pledge with the cutest kindergarteners from Riverdale.
At Riverdale reading Grace for President! Then popped over to the High School to speak to the Civics class… they were not as animated as Rep. McCombie’s first group. But in their defense, she wasn’t reading a fun book!

Thursday, January 16

Rep. McCombie stopped by Metform today to meet up with their new general manager, Steve Wright, to talk safety, taxes, workforce and the economy. Welcome to the team, Steve!
Rep. McCombie met with the Carroll County Farm Bureau this afternoon and discussed many things but excited to let them know she is filing a bill of COMPROMISE on the Estate Death Tax. Rather than repeal the tax completely as filed in the past, lets at least meet the Federal Cap of $11.5 million compared to Illinois’s over reach of $4 million.