McCombie reacts: “Growth in Illinois cannot be driven by radical policies”

State Representative Tony McCombie reacted to Governor JB Pritzker’s second State of the State Address by renewing her call for Illinois lawmakers to focus on providing relief for out-of-control property taxes, reforming ethics laws to eliminate self-dealing, and improving the way Illinois redraws its political maps following the decennial Census.

“I agree that Illinois is great because our people are great and we do have a choice on how we tell our story,” said Rep. McCombie echoing sentiments found in Pritzker’s speech.

“However, I am disappointed that there was no discussion on our number one economic driver—agriculture. There was no mention of Illinois’ outmigration, the upcoming census or re-drawing fair legislative boundaries. Growth in Illinois cannot be driven by radical policies that do not address our structural and political environment,” McCombie continued.

“Furthermore, I am disappointed that the only solution to every problem is to increase taxes without addressing the high property tax burden on Illinois families. Illinois does need an agenda of opportunity and I hope Northwest Illinois is part of that agenda,” McCombie concluded.