Where’s Tony: February 10, 2020

What was Rep. Tony McCombie up to the week starting February 3? Find out below:

Tuesday, February 4

Legislators returned to Springfield for Session on Tuesday.
Rep. McCombie visited constituents while they were in Springfield for the Illinois Pork Producers event.

Wednesday, February 5

Rep. McCombie presented information to the House Chamber about a contest being held by the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association for “Coolest Product Made in Illinois”.

Thursday, February 6

Happy Birthday to Tampico, IL-born President Ronald Reagan! 
Morrison Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting.
The Morrison Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting was held on Thursday February 6th. Our office would like to congratulate Jim Strating on being named the Morrison Citizen of the Year. Thank you for all that you do for the community both present and future! Special congratulations to Bart and Ellen Smith and Marcia Haag for being nominated as well. What a wonderful night to celebrate the community!