McCombie pans new spending, tax increases

Urges the State “not threaten” most vulnerable nor middle-class families

State Representative Tony McCombie issued the following statement following Governor JB Pritzker’s second Budget Address:

“I appreciate the Governor’s continued support of education funding as well his good intentions to support our most vulnerable.  The support, however, comes at the price of a threat,” said Rep. McCombie.  “If we do not support Pritzker’s agenda and his tax increases, the threat is that those we need to be putting first will not be funded.”

“Last year’s $40.6 billion budget was the largest yet and with the addition of dozens of new taxes and fees in 2019 – we cannot make it work,” McCombie questioned.  “It is never enough because we continue to fail to pass meaningful structural and political reforms, remove layers of bureaucracy and pass legislation that will grow not only Northwest Illinois, but our entire state.”

“We need to be investing our time on drafting a balanced budget that does not threaten our middle-class families and one that does not hurt our most vulnerable,” cautioned McCombie.