Where’s Tony: February 24, 2020

What was Rep. Tony McCombie up to the week starting February 17? Find out below:

Monday, February 17- Presidents’ Day

Tuesday, February 18

The General Assembly returned to Springfield on February 18 to begin Budget Address Week, This is Rep. McCombie’s view from the House Floor on February 18 as the Illinois House congratulates Williamsville High School on their accomplishments.
Rep. McCombie met with constituent members of local farm bureaus who were in Springfield for the Farm Bureau Leadership Conference.

Wednesday, February 19

Rep. Tony McCombie & Sen. Neil Anderson listening to the Governor’s Budget Address on the Illinois House Floor.
Recording a podcast with Reps. Demmer & Spain regarding the Governor’s Budget Address.

Friday, January 21

The Quad Cities Chamber partnered with The Axis Hotel and Exelon Generation to host a legislative coffee with Rep. McCombie, Iowa Sen Chris Cournoyer, Iowa Rep Monica Kurth, Iowa Sen Jim Lykam, Iowa Rep Gary Mohr, and Iowa Rep Cindy Winckler.