Rep. McCombie responds to cancellation of Fall Veto Session

Speaker of the House Mike Madigan has announced that the Fall Veto Session is canceled due to concerns over COVID-19 and proximity to the upcoming holidays. In response to the announcement, State Representative Tony McCombie issued the following statement:

“I am appalled Speaker Madigan has cancelled Fall Veto Session. We have important work to do— including providing important regional feedback on mitigation measures enacted solely through Governor Pritzker’s executive orders. Congress and other state legislatures have figured out how to meet. The Illinois legislature met safely during the height of the initial outbreak of the pandemic back in May. There was testing, more than enough space for social distancing, and it worked well. Thousands of Illinois workers are reporting to work every day, just not the elected officials paid to represent them in the Illinois House.

The decision to cancel veto session is an insult to every family struggling to make ends meet, as well as those struggling to access benefits while unemployed. I urge Governor Pritzker to call the legislature back into session since Speaker Madigan will not.”