Rep. Tony McCombie Appointed Minority Spokesperson of new House Restorative Justice Committee

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin appointed State Representative Tony McCombie as Minority Spokesperson of the new House Restorative Justice Committee, McCombie announced on Wednesday.

“I am looking forward to working with Rep. McCombie in her role as Minority Spokesperson for the Restorative Justice Committee,” said State Representative Kelly Cassidy, the Chairperson of the new committee. “We have both been active members of the Judicial Criminal Law Committee for a while, so I believe we can make a great team as we take deep dives into the complex issues of criminal justice reform and victims rights, seeking truly restorative justice responses.”

McCombie went on to say she thinks, “there is so much headway that can be made through bipartisan reforms addressing topics like children of incarcerated parents, working toward rehabilitation instead of recidivism through facilities like the Life Skills Center in Kewanee, and more.”

“That work is only possible, though, if we have a fair process to hear witnesses on both sides of each issue. That is why I am so excited to work with Chairperson Kelly Cassidy on this committee. We covered some really tough issues together in the Judicial Criminal Law Committee, but I always trusted that she sought a fair committee process and I have every reason to know she’ll bring that same sense of fairness to her Chairpersonship of the Restorative Justice Committee,” McCombie continued.

McCombie went on to say that she looks forward to a “full-airing of the proposals being made and together we will work to ensure that the voices of all impacted will be heard.”