McCombie says budget proposal lacks reforms and again breaks promises

State Representative Tony McCombie issued the following statement following Governor JB Pritzker’s third Budget Address:

“Unfortunately, I am frustrated to report another year of broken promises by Governor Pritzker. The blatant disregard for our children and schools throughout Illinois is a travesty. The Governor is proposing to eliminate the 2019 job creation measures, which was a good step forward to promote growth. The State Budget is the most important piece of legislation we vote on in the General Assembly. This proposal is out of balance, relies on inflated revenues, and moves money around from agency to agency – cutting into municipal funding and the negotiated capital bill revenues from 2019. This hurts our ability to grow and continues to burden our taxpayers,” said McCombie

“Once again, no amount of money is enough for state spending, because we continue to fail to pass structural and political reforms, remove layers of government and create an environment to grow our way out of this financial nightmare,” McCombie responded.

“Now the test will be whether the majority will keep the promises they made and work around the Governor or will they obey and enable his overreach,” continued McCombie.