Campsite Discounts for Senior Citizens, Disabled and Certain Veterans

Illinois senior citizens can camp at Illinois State Parks free Mon-Thur at certain type campgrounds (C and D). Other types are 50% discount.

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Camping at Illinois State Parks

Camping is available at many Illinois State Parks. For camping at State Parks, consult the park listing page.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) does not charge an Entrance Fee to any state owned or operated land with the exception of Wildlife Prairie Park. Sites with Beaches charge a $1 a day per person for beach use only.


Generally, throughout the state, camping is available year round weather permitting

  • Spring – Summer Camping (May 1 through September 30)
  • Fall – Winter Camping (October 1 through April 30)

As long as buildings, water and electrical service are available, regardless of the date, the regular camping fee will apply. When cold weather requires closing down buildings and shutting off water in Class AA,A, A-P, B/S or B/S-P campgrounds, the fee shall be reduced commensurate with the services and facilities available for use.

Please call ahead for available amenities especially for Class AA, A, A-P, B/S, B/S-P and C camping.

Learn more about camping at Illinois State Parks here.

Related: Rep. Tony McCombie was also a co-sponsor of legislation requiring U.S., State, and POW-MIA flags be required to fly at our Illinois State Parks. Read about the bill here.