VIDEO: McCombie: We need to do much more for DCFS workers than just attend their funerals

State Representative Tony McCombie pre-filed to sponsor Senate Bill 4165 in the Illinois House on Tuesday, to allow DCFS investigators to carry pepper spray or mace for self-protection and to receive training from the Illinois State Police on when and how to use it.

“Concerning DCFS case workers, there are a lot of proposals being talked about,” said Rep. McCombie. “Today, I stand in support of Senator McClure’s bill taking action; putting ideas to paper. Giving DCFS caseworkers tools to protect themselves.”

“Governments number one goal is to protect Illinoisans and this administration is failing on many levels,” McCombie continued. “DCFS workers are often walking into emotional and volatile situations and they must have more support.”

“There has been a lot of talk since the brutal beating and murder of Pam Knight with few corrective actions put in place. Supporting our DCFS workers does not JUST mean attending their funerals; it means doing everything within our power to make sure those funerals never happen in the first place,” McCombie concluded.

Rep. McCombie filed and advocated on behalf of a package of First Responder Safety Measures this year to improve worker safety.

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