McCombie: Weatherization Financial Assistance Available

As temperatures drop throughout the state, we are reminded that a long, cold, and expensive winter is just around the corner. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity offers the Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP), which helps low income residents and households conserve fuel and reduce energy costs by making their homes and apartments more energy efficient. IHWAP also provides many health and safety upgrades ensuring safe and healthy homes. Weatherization services that can be funded through IHWAP include:

  • Air sealing
  • Attic and wall insulation
  • HVAC repair or replacement
  • Water heater repair or replacement
  • Electric base load reduction (lighting and refrigerator replacement)
  • Ventilation and moisture control measures (and other health and safety measures)
  • Maximum $16,000 per eligible client’s home for energy-related weatherization and repair work
  • Maximum $3,500 for health and safety related measures

Eligibility depends on household income (income of everyone living in the unit). To be eligible to receive assistance, the household’s combined income must be at or below 150% of the federal poverty level using State funds, and 200% of the federal poverty level using DOE and HHS funding. For a 4 person household for instance, this means an income of less than $38,625 for state funds and $51,550 for federal funds.

Find a Community Action Agency (CAA) serving your area and apply for assistance. Click the link even if you are not interested in financial assistance in weatherization, you may also be eligible for assistance with:

  • Rental Assistance
  • Food
  • Energy Utility Bill Assistance
  • Water/Sewer Payment
  • Employment Training/Placement
  • Financial Management