Summer Program to Support More Women in STEM Now OPEN!

Young women can now apply to participate in ComEd’s annual competition that challenges teen girls to build and race high-tech, electric-powered gocarts.

Participants will work and learn from ComEd mentors, connect with peers from other communities and put their STEM knowledge to the test while building an electric vehicle (EV). Every participant receives a $2,000 scholarship upon completion of the program.

The goal of the program is to educate and empower young women to explore STEM careers and start their journey to becoming future leaders. Participants in the EV Rally come from diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds, with an emphasis on those from equity investment eligible communities—or EIECs, as defined by the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act in Illinois. Today, women make up 50 percent of the workforce, yet hold only 27 percent of jobs in STEM fields in Illinois, according to a study by the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition. The same study found that the share of women in Illinois in STEM jobs has grown by less than 1 percent since 2012.

ComEd has expanded this year’s pool of program participants by 50 percent, giving 45 students the chance to work with female mentors from ComEd to explore career pathways in STEM. The application for the program is now open, with a JUNE 1st deadline. APPLY NOW HERE: