Nuclear Power Plant Measure Clears Legislature

This week in Springfield, a measure passed to utilize nuclear power plants in Illinois. Senate Bill 76 would end the nuclear energy moratorium that currently prevents any construction on new nuclear power plants. The measure earned bipartisan support from lawmakers, including State Representative Tony McCombie.

When State Rep. McCombie was first elected, she backed a nuclear prohibition lift bill of her own, her first ever piece of legislation presented in the Illinois House, which would empower nuclear plants to improve their facilities to provide adequate, reliable, and efficient service to its customers.

At the time, McCombie said her bill would “help the state’s current six nuclear power plants better serve the public,” and “provide protections for customers by ensuring new construction projects are the least-cost means of satisfying the service needs of its customers.”

While McCombie’s initial bill fell short in 2017, this week steps to lift the nuclear energy moratorium became a reality. It now awaits the Governor’s signature.