McCombie Responds to SAFE-T Act Decision

Below is a statement from House Republican Leader Tony McCombie after the Illinois Supreme Court decision on provisions of the SAFE-T Act was issued today:

“Politically compelled public policy has never been in the best interest of the people. The liberal court’s decision today is not surprising, and this decision will undoubtedly hurt families and businesses around the state. Anyone that is familiar with the court system knows that this is not about the ability whether an offender can post bail, but a progressive movement to decriminalize crime and promote an environment for repeat offenders.

This policy is not about bail reform, but about elevating criminals. The Illinois House Republicans will join families around the state to bring light to the failings of the liberal imbalance of the General Assembly. We know there is an approach to address comprehensive criminal justice reform, but that must start with offenders being held accountable for the crimes they commit.

I look forward to working with victim advocates and our law enforcement partners to bring forth changes that ensure safe neighborhoods, thriving business districts and most importantly protect victims of crime.”