McCombie Issues Statement on Latest Extremism from IL Democrats

In light of news today on the firearms ban ruling from the Illinois Supreme Court and Governor Pritzker’s veto of Senate Bill 76 (allowing Nuclear Energy permitting), below is a statement from House Republican Leader Tony McCombie:

“The extremism of Illinois Democrats knows no bounds. More fraud, more federal investigations, higher energy costs, and more rights infringed.

“Last week State Auditors revealed $5.2 billion of fraud within the unemployment system – some of which was collected by Governor Pritzker’s Executive Branch employees.

“The same week, another federal corruption trial began and Democrats are silent about the need for meaningful ethics reforms.

“Governor Pritzker vetoed a pathway to inexpensive, clean energy, all because Illinois Democrats are dead-set on virtue signaling instead of problem-solving.

“And today, Constitutional rights were besieged by the Democratic Supreme Court that Governor Pritzker spent millions to elect.

“When will enough be enough?”