McCombie & Keicher: 2nd Annual Education Summit A Success

House Republican Leader and State Representative Tony McCombie recently held an Education Summit event with her colleague State Representative Jeff Keicher (R-Sycamore). The Representatives gathered area educators, administrators, and board members to listen to their concerns about the state of education in Illinois, give a legislative update, and answer questions on state-related education issues.

The event pulled dozens of area educators and was a success! The Representatives are grateful to all who came to share their concerns and ideas for improvement.

“Our children are the most important thing to protect and that begins with educating them,” said McCombie. “This evening Rep Jeff Keicher and I hosted our 2nd educational summit where we bring together teachers, administrators, and board members to discuss how the state can help better do that. There are some issues that may be out of all of our control but a resounding message was empowering local control could resolve many issues and stopping the continual mandates would be a start in the right direction!”