Library Grants Delivered to McCombie’s 89th District

House Minority Leader Tony McCombie is proudly announcing a number of school libraries in her district that are recipeints of a state grant program.

The grants, awarded once every fiscal year, are dedicated to school library services for 1.2 million
students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade throughout the state. The grants can be helpful to libraries in providing library books, e-books, audiobooks, periodicals, multilingual materials,
technology and more.

For McCombie, over 20 school libraries in her 89th District will be receiving a state grant. Those school include the following:

Byron CUSD 226
East Dubuque CUSD 119
Galena Unit School District 120
Genoa-Kingston CUSD 424
River Ridge CUSD 210
Kings Consolidated School District 144
Hiawatha CUSD 426
Eastland CUSD 308
Lena-Winslow CUSD 202
Eswood CCSD 269
Chadwick-Milledgeville CUSD 399
West Carroll CUSD 314
Orangeville School District 203
Oregon Community Unit School District 220
Pearl City CUSD 200
Pecatonica School District 321
Scales Mound CUSD 211
Meridian CUSD 223
Warren CUSD 205
Winnebago CUSD 323

“These grants are extremely helpful in getting resources directly into our schools and in the hands of students,” said McCombie. “In order to promote greater learning, it requires the best resources available which these grants will help deliver.”

Leader McCombie is no stranger to schools in her district; she has visited dozens this year as part of the Illinois Principal Association’s “Principal for the Day program and in an effort to support schools across her region. In her time visiting schools, she has enjoyed reading to students, talking about government, and seeing what resources each school offers. Today’s announcement of the state grants will only bolster those learning environments–a great benefit to students in the 89th district and across Illinois!