McCombie Column: Give Blood, Save a Life

There is a blood shortage currently impacting the State of Illinois. This is not the first time we have faced such a crisis, but the impact still poses a devasting picture for our healthcare system and for the well-being of Illinois residents. According to the American Red Cross, the number of people donating blood has dropped by 40% over the last two decades. That number continues to decline based on weather, current health conditions—the COVID-19 pandemic took a big hit to blood bank supplies—and cold and flu season.

With this declared 20-year low in blood supply, it marks a severe breaking point. Blood donations given in recent weeks are going directly into hospital systems across Illinois, but the need is outweighing the demand at this point. It is critical that every single donation counts. That is why it is so important that each person that is able, considers donating blood. Each donation adds up and helps save lives. It takes a few minutes to donate blood, but that single donation can have a vast impact.

To help be part of a solution to this problem, I am hosting a blood drive next month. On February 9th I am partnering with the City of Savanna and the Savanna Fire Department to host the event. The Savanna Community Blood Drive will be held on Friday, February 9th from 10:00 am-2:00 pm at the Savanna Fire Department Truck Bay, 101 Main Street, Savanna.

In years past we have helped boost the local blood bank supply, and I am looking forward to this event helping our community re-supply once again. Over the last three years, we have surpassed goals and have together collected enough blood to save 390 lives! Our community continually shows up to make a difference, and our last drives illustrate just how vast our collective impact can be.

I encourage you to come to the upcoming blood drive event; appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome. To make an appointment to donate, please call the Red Cross at 815-632-7384 or go to To streamline your donation and save up to 15 minutes, you can visit to complete your pre-donation reading and questionnaire on the day of your appointment.

Together, we can donate blood and help save a life this February 9th!