McCombie Helps Area Nurse Amid State Agency Crisis

Illinois State government agencies have been dysfunctional for quite some time, and this includes the State’s Department of Financial Professional Regulation (IDFPR). This has created hardships for countless Illinois residents, as the department controls professional licensing. 

Despite bipartisan calls for improvements to IDFPR, problems still exist. House Minority Leader Tony McCombie has heard personally from dozens of frustrated constituents who want to get to work, but are unable to do so because of system inefficiencies, lack of communication within the agency, and archaic technology in use at IDFPR.

Last month, Leader McCombie took matters into her own hands to help a constituent in need and learned first-hand just how difficult it can be to simply renew a license under current procedures at IDFPR. While in the Capitol, McCombie fielded an email from a constituent who was set to begin work as a nurse in Galena, but was unable to do so until her nursing license was reinstated, and electronic payments were not accepted. Instead, McCombie walked over to the Springfield office to pay the fee for the license, and her constituent was able to begin work the next day.

“This is just one example of antiquated government systems,” said McCombie.  “As a real estate license holder, I can pay to renew my license online, but other licenses are unable to do that. This is not just my district or my constituents having trouble—this is a statewide, bipartisan issue that we must fix.”

Leader McCombie has introduced legislation called the License Convenience Act to provide such a solution. Her bill, House Bill 4855, would call for electronic payments to be accepted for all licenses at IDFPR.

“This shouldn’t take a bill, it is common sense,” said McCombie. “There are too many residents who want to work but are prevented from doing so because of existing inefficiencies and I look forward to getting a solution accomplished this spring.”

Leader McCombie met the nurse she helped this week in her district. It was a great full-circle moment and one that will stick with the Leader as she pushes for state agency changes this spring in the legislature.

As issues continue to arise with the IDFPR under the Pritzker Administration, Leader McCombie urges District 89 constituents to contact her office for assistance.