House Republicans Offer Budget Insight

House Minority Leader Tony McCombie and House Republican Budgeteers, Deputy Leader Norine Hammond and Assistant Leader Amy Elik, offered their insight into the state budget proposal Governor JB Pritzker revealed yesterday.

Governor Pritzker’s proposed budget this year includes:

💰 A $2.29 billion increase from last year’s enacted budget

💰 A $775 million shortfall for FY25 based on existing revenue and the Governor’s spending plan

💰 Better healthcare benefits for non-citizens than most taxpayers receive

💰 $1 billion in new taxes and other budget gimmicks

“It is hard to ignore the majority of the budget proposal that includes no structural reforms or tax relief, but instead tax increases that will make it harder on Illinois families and businesses,” added McCombie.

Check out Leader McCombie’s additional comments on the budget here:

Video: McCombie Reacts to State Budget Address – Tony McCombie (