McCombie Launches Women in Ag Group

House Minority Leader Tony McCombie held a successful first “Women in Agriculture” advisory group, bringing together over a dozen women from across her 89th legislative district to discuss legislative updates relevant to the industry, and connect with similar minded women. 

Bringing together women working in agriculture has been a priority for Leader McCombie.  This first meeting was an introduction for members within the group, and an opportunity for them to hear from Leader McCombie on issues relevant in the legislature to farming, agricultural education, and funding.  

“This meeting was a great introduction to a coalition that I have wanted to start for some time–to bring women together, celebrate their impact to agriculture and be a resource for each other,” said McCombie. “I see this group as an opportunity for women to work together to gain a better understanding of legislation and programs to promote Illinois’ largest economic driver.” 

Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello was also present for the first meeting to provide an overview of the Department and make his department accessible for questions or concerns on issues brought forward in discussion. 

“The future of agriculture is changing with technology and other innovations. At the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA), we welcome the opportunity to bring more women into the industry through recruitment initiatives, mentoring relationships and partnerships with schools through FFA and 4-H. Continued bipartisan efforts to expand opportunities for women in agriculture are critical and have our full support,” said Director Jerry Costello II, IDOA Director. 

McCombie’s group will continue to meet quarterly throughout the year and will feature additional guest speakers to bring added resources and insight to Women in Agriculture. With questions about the advisory group or for information on how to join as a participant, residents are encouraged to contact Leader McCombie’s District Office by email at