House GOP Leader McCombie Calls for Process Overhaul at PRB

On March 13th, the Prisoner Review Board (PRB) released a dangerous criminal with a history of domestic violence, despite the victim seeking an order of protection issued against him. Upon release, Crosetti Brand violently attacked his ex-girlfriend and killed her son, but only after the horrific tragedy did the PRB realize their collective error in judgment. LeAnn Miller, the Prisoner Review Board member who played a key role in the lack of oversight in this case, resigned after the incident. In response, House Minority Leader Tony McCombie issued the following statement: 

“Lives were lost because of the lack of responsibility and due diligence at the PRB, and the destructive policies handed down by progressive Democrats that have tilted the scales in favor of dangerous criminals. When innocent people die because of bad policy, we must correct course immediately. Republicans have proposed legislation to protect victims and notify communities of violent offenders’ release, but Democrats have not moved those protection “policies” forward. I call on the Speaker to prioritize public safety legislation.” 

In the 102nd General Assembly, Leader McCombie backed HB5126, which she will look to expand to help fix the disastrous processes for cases at the PRB. In addition, McCombie will be amending HB 4852, the Community Protection Act, filed this year to require the PRB to provide additional oversight and notification to the community of any prisoner released on domestic violence charges or with a history of domestic violence.

The Illinois Prisoner Review Board handles all traditional parole release decisions, adjudication of adult and youth release revocation hearings, victim notification regarding inmate releases, and requests for executive clemency on behalf of the Governor. It is an independent body whose members are appointed by the Governor of Illinois.

*Update: It was released today that Prisoner Review Board (PRB) chair Donald Shelton has resigned. Shelton had served on the PRB since September of 2012, joining the board after a lengthy career with the Champaign Police Department.