E-Notary: Now Available in Illinois

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office is launching a new Electronic Notary system that allows residents to notarize documents remotely. Through the state’s new E-Notary system, Illinois residents can now get documents notarized online in minutes.

The move to the new online system is another step toward modernization for the Secretary of State’s office. The Illinois General Assembly authorized the move to electronic notarization through legislation adopted in 2021, and current Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias has implemented the law.

Customers can use the Secretary of State’s online Notary Search to find a notary who offers the electronic notarization service

To get notarized electronically, customers will need a device with video chat (like a computer or phone), and valid ID. Below is a rundown of the new steps necessary to get a document notarized under this new process:

  1. Video chat: You’ll connect with the notary public through video chat on your computer or phone.
  2. Document check: The notary will make sure your document is filled out correctly and matches your ID.
  3. ID verification: They’ll check your ID to confirm it’s you.
  4. Electronic signing: Once everything’s verified, you’ll sign the document electronically.
  5. Notary completes it: The notary will finalize the process with their electronic seal and certificate.

The cost of electronic notarization varies depending on the service provider, but cannot exceed $25 as set by state law.