Photos: This Week in Springfield

Leader McCombie attended the lllinois Police Officers Memorial Ceremony, an annual event at the Capitol to honor fallen officers and extend support law enforcement officers and their families.

Leader McCombie stood with members of the House Republican Caucus at a press conference in the Capitol to discuss their “present” vote on legislation that would make changes to the state’s election law.

State Representative Tom Weber and the Illinois House of Representatives honored the service of decorated Lake County Sheriff’s Police K9 Dax and his handler, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy John Forlenza. Dax and Deputy Forlenza were honored with the adoption of House Resolution 703, and Forlenza was at the Capitol today to be recognized and visited Leader McCombie in her Capitol office.

McCombie also welcomed a page for the Day, Naomi, from her 89th District!

There was a special simulation opportunity provided by the Fraternal Order of Police for lawmakers to understand how law enforcement responds to emergency calls. The Shoot/Don’t Shoot Simulator provided a variety of scenarios that would require police action.

Leader McCombie presented a bill, SB3350, in the Human Services Committee. The measure provides that a county health department may distribute fentanyl test strips for no fee; this is part of an ongoing effort to combat the rising fentanyl epidemic.

It is 100 days out from the Illinois State Fair! To honor the occasion, the Director of the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture, Jerry Costello, brought by corn dogs!

Leader McCombie had several groups, interviews, and visitors to the Capitol this week!

McCombie enjoyed a Soy Latte, courtesy of the Illinois Soybean Assocation!

Leader McCombie toured SPARC with fellow lawmakers.

Leader McCombie was honored to give welcome remarks for the Joint AKA and APhiA Day at the Capitol.

Members of House Republican Leadership welcomed the Illinois Construction Industry Committee to the Capitol!

Happy Bacon Day! The Illinois Pork Producers brough BLT’s….and their advocacy to Springfield.

Leader McCombie made time to visit the food trucks on the Capitol grounds, courtesy of the FOP!